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Free UK Dialup Internet Access High Speed Dialup ISP 0844 Dialup

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 Dial up internet access

Welcome to free-to-subscribe 0844 dial up Internet access from Nippy Internet. There are no monthly fees, no limits on how long you stay online... you only pay the 'local call rate' on your phone bill. Nippy Internet is a premier Internet Service Provider for home or business use.
  • Free dial up internet service
  • There are no subscription fees
  • No contracts or commitments
  • No minimum or Maximum use
  • Access from anywhere in the UK
  • Fast download speeds
  • No set-up fees
  • 56k modem access and ISDN compatible
Whereas other ISPs share your internet bandwidth other customers (contention), our dial-up internet service provides you with the fastest possible connection by giving you a dedicated path directly to the internet. Not many internet service providers do this - most make you share your connection with 50 to 100 other people, sometimes more!

What next?

I know how to set-up my internet connection

then use these settings and get Nippy now!

Access Number:
0844 535 2000

User: nippy
Password : internet

I need some help configuring my computer

For step by step instructions on how to configure your computer for Nippy Internet choose your operating system.

Nippy dial up Internet service provider - Free 0844 maximum internet speed web access

F ree dial-up internet access service from Nippy Internet UK.
© Nippy Internet

Get online now:

0844 535 2000

What does it cost?
0844 calls cost 3.95p/minute peak, 1p/minute off-peak (6pm-6am) and 1p/minute at weekends from BT lines

0844 Dialup Internet Access

Why us?
Works instantly
Super fast browsing
No ads or spyware
No usage limits
No engaged tones

We support:

All modems up to
56k V90 / V92
Network modems & routers

We charge:
No set up fee
No monthly charge
no hidden extras
No contracts