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The following instructions describe how to creating an OSX dialup connection to Nippy Internet using a modem.

1) To begin, click the 'Apple' icon at the top left of the screen and
select 'System Preferences'.
2) Once the System Preferences windows appears, select the 'Network' icon
at the top of the window.

On the 'Network' screen, select 'which ever modem you have installed' from the Configure drop down menu.
4) Select 'PPP' from the row of tabs.
5) Type a name for your new 'Service Provider', such as "Nippy Internet".
6) Type in 0844 535 2000 for the 'Telephone Number'. Leave 'Alternate Number' blank. Type in your 'Account Name' (nippy). Type in your 'Password' (internet) and click 'Save'.

To use your new Nippy Dial up 0844 Internet connection click on the Internet Exporer in the dock located at the bottom of your screen.


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Get online now:

0844 535 2000

What does it cost?
0844 calls cost 3.95p/minute peak, 1p/minute off-peak (6pm-6am) and 1p/minute at weekends from BT lines

0844 Dialup Internet Access

Why us?
Works instantly
Super fast browsing
No ads or spyware
No usage limits
No engaged tones

We support:

All modems up to
56k V90 / V92
Network modems & routers

We charge:
No set up fee
No monthly charge
no hidden extras
No contracts