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V.92 Modem technology FAQ:

  1. What is V.92 modem technology?

V.92 is the latest modem technology in dial-up connection. With advanced features and better connectivity it will change the traditional dial up connection.

What are the features of V.92 modem?

First, with V.92 modem you connection speed increases and you can go online very quickly. The fast initial connection even increases your data transfer rate and you can surf the internet faster.

Secondly, you have an On Hold feature in this modem where you can receive your phone call while on internet connection. This on hold feature lets you know when you have a call and you can switch to On Hold feature and answer incoming call without losing the internet connection. The amount of time you can talk depends on your Internet Service Provider's implementation of V.92.

Do I need extra software to take advantage of modem On Hold feature?

You need to have active call waiting service from your telephone service provider and also you will need Modem On Hold software. This software is necessary to monitor calls, display incoming call information, and manage the Modem On-Hold process. You will be provided with the software with your modem but if not received check with your modem vendor or you can download it from their web site if available.
If possible try to even test it with your Internet Service Provider's V.92 service.

What all factors should be considered before buying new V.92 modem?

If you are buying a new V.92 modem, if possible ask your V.92 Internet Service Provider what V.92 modems work best. Do some research and find out good vendors giving all kinds of support related to V.92 modems. You can also check online on their web sites for details regarding the products available. A good manufacturer should have a proper web site with up to date V.92 firmware and drivers. Compare all the available deals before you buy. On the same web site you can also review the quality of the online technical support, and to get the technical support number of the manufacturer. Consider calling that number to see how good is the support provided.

Do I need to change my ISP?

No it is not required to change ISP. It may be possible that you are unable to take advantage of all these features right away. While your current ISP will definitely support V.92 and V.44 at some point, it may demand some time before the equipment manufacturers that your ISP or online service uses sends them an upgrade and your service provider implement the upgrade. However, V.92 and V.44 are true international standards, so you can be sure of getting nearly universal support. In the meantime you can use the V.90 technology, which is available in your V.92 modem.

How can I use one phone line for both voice and data?

The V.92 standard you can put your internet data connection on hold while you pick up a voice call using your "call waiting" service. When you finish with the voice call you can instantly resume the connection and start from where you left.


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