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Understanding the high speed dial up connection

There are many people who use but do not understand how dial up connection work. Here we explain the functionality of a dial up connection. As you are aware the dial up connection is made from your computer through modem and telephone line to your ISP’s computer. Your computer is a digital machine meaning that it transmits data in 1's and 0's (on and off) also called digital or binary form. On other hand, telephone lines transmit data in analog form. It means that they transmit data by sound. Modems work by taking a digital signal and transforming that into analog (sound) over a phone line. It also receives data in analog form and converts it to digital form.

Most hardware modems are very sensitive to phone line conditions both inside your house and outside on the telephone company's network. In order for modems to work the way they are intended there must be no more than one Analog to Digital conversion between your computer's modem and your ISP’s computer. If there are any more analog to Digital conversions than one you will not achieve the highest possible speed on your dial up connection due to the decreased integrity of the signal.

The telephone line from your house is terminated in a set of special machinery that allows the audio signal from your house to enter the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) where it is routed to the person or ISP that you are calling. The way your modem sends data is as follows:

[Your Computer] > [Digital signal] > [Your Modem] > [Analog signal] > [Telephone line] > [ISP’ modem] > [Digital signal] > [ISP server]

When the data is sent back to you, it would be like as below:

[ISP server] > [ISP’ modem] > [Analog Signal] > [Telephone line] > [Your Modem] > [Digital Signal] > [Your Computer]

In order to achieve speed on the data going to you from the internet, server may use all digital connection with the telephone company to keep the signal intact until it reaches your local phone line, eliminating one of two Analog to Digital conversions. This will allow modem download speeds as high as 53 Kbps. If along the way back from server to you if there is an additional Analog to Digital conversion, you will not receive a full speed connection.

There are other factors like electromagnetic distortion or the quality of the telephone line that may interfere with the data flow. The fact is that the telephone system is designed to host voice phone calls which require far less quality than a dial up connection requires. So, it may not support very high speed dial up. Similarly, quality of the modem is also important. If the modem is very old of lower quality then it may also contribute to loss of speed. Hence, it is better to have a modem of good quality and have your telephone line checked and upgraded if required to get high speed dial up connection speed.


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