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Steps to troubleshoot
slow dial up connection speed

One common issue that the dial up connection users faces is that the dial up connection runs at very poor speed or sometimes just stops responding. Here are some steps to troubleshoot this situation…

1. First thing you should find out if all the modem firmware and drivers are updated. To update drivers you first need to know what type of modem you have in your computer. If you do not know then you can find it by going to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Modems. In the box in the center should be the description of the modem you have. Once you know what type of modem you have, check your modem manufacturer's website for updated firmware or drivers. Download and install these drivers if they are available.

2. If step 1 does not fix the problem then see if the problem has problem started after any new installation. If any new devices like caller ID boxes, cordless phones, fax machines or extremely long phone extension cords attached to the house wiring around the same time when the problem started then try to remove that device from system and then try to connect.

3. If you are not sure where exactly problem started then try removing every other phone or device from the house's phone wiring and then try again. Sometimes, many devices on a phone line can drain the available power to your house phone wire causing connection problems.

4. If you have more then one phone line then try to connect the modem in another phone line. If you have only one phone line then you can try a different phone jack in the house.

5. Make sure that you are using the phone cord provided by the modem manufacturer to connect your modem. See that this cord goes straight into the phone jack without passing through any phone line splitters, Caller ID, Fax machines or surge suppressors.

6. If your connection is running very slow or appears to have stopped after requesting a particular web page then try a different website and if this repeats try disconnecting and then connecting again to see if the connection improves.

7. If the connection has been stopped for a long time then you could try disconnection and reconnection again.

8. Check what speed you are connected at by double clicking the two little computers icon at the bottom right corner of the computer screen by the clock. If you are using a 56K with a phone line that may not support 56k connection then you could try disabling 56k protocols. By disabling 56k protocols you may actually increase your connection speed and throughput. This could work as your modem is no longer trying to retrain the connection to a higher speed that the connection line and modem may not be able to bare.


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