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Speed up the initial connection process

Generally dialup connections are known to be slow and very time consuming. The majority of the internet users are still using dialup internet connection. With dialup connection you will have to wait for longer period of time before you get connected to world of internet. If your initial connection is slow then there are chances that your connection will get slower.

Today most of the sites are preferring use of high end graphics using flash or similar kind of software. Whereas the connection speed of a dial up connection is limited by the bandwidth of phone lines. The result of slow connection and larger file size is longer time to load the web page. It is always very frustrating to wait for longer time.

The solution to slow dialup is broad band service which can handle larger load better than dial up connection. These broad band services are not affordable by many users. The broad band service is not available to all location. Therefore dial up connection is still popular and used by most of the internet users.

The slow connection with dialup can be solved by new technology other than broad band. There are services which offer high speed dialup connection. These connections are normally three times faster than ordinary dialup connection if you should take proper measures to manage your dialup connection.

When you start the process of connecting to internet using dialup, you will get screeching sound from modem while dialing. This sound is result of modem trying to communicate with access terminal. Your terminal and access terminal communicates and connection is initiated. The main server at the access terminal validates your connection and connection is than established. Once the connection established you can start transferring data through internet.

The process of establishing internet connection involves two main steps. The first step is the initialization of internet connection by modem. Modem will initialize the connection by introducing user to access terminal, when you hear the screeching sound. The second step is the dialup software trying to regulate the dial up connection. The dialup software will help in authenticating the user’s access to internet through his internet service provider (ISP).

The high speed dial up cannot help in speeding the initialization of modem but using software; validation step can be done faster. As the validation is done faster definitely the total connection time will decrease. Many cases have shown only two third of the normal connection time. The increase in connection speed also depends on the computer and the access number used. The initial connection speed will even affect the data transfer. The data transfer in nothing but the loading of web pages you request and any data moving out from your computer. The data transfer also boosts up with the faster connection.

The high speed dialup service will allow you to connect your computer to internet through your ISP in shorter time as compared to the usual dial up connection.


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