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Remote access numbers dial up scam

A large number of consumers using their local telephone line to connect to the Internet in the UK end up having telephone bills a lot more then they expect. The reason may be that they have fallen victim to some dial up scam. Many people are aware that free dialup scams are carried out with viruses. These viruses take over your modem and change settings. So, scammer can make premium rate telephone call at your expense. However, there is a possibility where you could receive a very high internet access bill even after taking all care to keep computer virus free.

If there are no viruses found on their computers then chances are that they are unknowingly using a long distance access number and end up being charged much more than the cost of a local call that you initially made.

In this type of scam, users fall pray to a highly sophisticated system in which without their knowledge, they are routed to a remote access number. A dialer software program installed on their computer redirects their internet access number to web sites that redirect their telephone line from their local Internet Service Provider. They are then routed to an expensive per minute international line in remote country, sometimes as far as South America! The result is that the consumers receive phone charges several times more then the call they made to connect to internet, routed to international destinations without their knowledge.

You may be wondering that how those scamming softwares do comes in your computer? The answer is that in most cases, you allow them to get install on your computer!...unknowingly. They first appear in very innocent form. When users are surfing internet, more often they receive an offer, through a promotion that comes up in a “pop up window” on their computer screen. These promotions usually seem to offer free gifts on some purchase or adult materials. Since a lot of people do surf porn sites or make purchases on internet, they accept and download these offers.

What they do not know that these offers may have a hidden code that will install dialer software on their computer. Next time they dial up to access internet, the software secretly redirect their dial up connection to another ISP on some remote long distance access number as referred above. The result, all their web surfing then takes place over a remote access number at very expensive rate.

Dial up connection users should take precautions to avoid these Internet dialing scams. It is recommended that you choose the websites that you are visiting and scan carefully any pop up windows that may appear. Do not get tempted by the offers that are made to you. Remember that “appearances can be deceiving”. If you see any process running which is unknown to you, check that out immediately. Remove it from computer if needed. This will save you a lot of money that those scammers could take away from you.


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