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Premium rate dial up connection fraud

In most countries, there are mainly two options available for home users; one is broad band and other using a telephone line and modem. Today a majority of people use telephone line to connect their computer to internet world. They are being threatened by a new type of scam: premium rate dial up connection fraud.

A lot of dial up users access porn web sites. What most of them does not know is that these web sites are often full of harmful material such as viruses. These viruses often install themselves in your computer and make you a victim of premium rate dial up connection fraud. These viruses are designed to enable scammers to make long distance calls from your telephone lines. They take over your modem connection to make calls to premium rate numbers at your expense.

The victimized people are basically hit by a Trojan horse virus. A Trojan horse virus gets secretly installed upon your computer mostly while surfing web sites on which they resides. It then changes your internet settings in a way that you always use a premium rate access number rather than your regular local access number. Some porn sites also offer dialers that allow you to access those sites regularly and smoothly. These dialers are another source of viruses that can affect your computer.

This scam is mostly observed in the users that uses dial up services and it is less likely to affect broadband users compared to a dial up connection user. So, internet users who still connect to the internet via a dial up modem needs to be more careful about the access number they are using. Anti virus software can detect known Trojan horses that secretly change dial up settings.

It is strongly recommended that all dial computer uses should use anti virus programs, especially if you are a regular internet user. They should be performing regular virus scans to see if a Trojan virus has not affected their computer. Also, dial up uses are also advised to be very careful about software they allow to run on their computer. They also need to keep their virus protection fully updated to protect against the virus attacks. Computers may also be scammed from some online free of charge web site.

If you are a Broadband internet user, previously using a dial up connection then you need to check whether your computer still has a dial up connection activated. If it is the case then you are also prone to this type of attack.

Apart from regular virus checks you should also scan your internet access number settings regularly. Be sure to have a look at the access number when you get connected to see that you are connected to your local regular ISP.

Overall, using dial up connection safely and carefully is mandatory to prevent yourself from being victim of this scam which is increasing to a serious level in most of the advanced countries.


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