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Modem and Dial up connection speed

In modern times, internet has become largest worldwide network that is accessed by billions of people all over the world. There are many different methods of access the internet. The most commonly used method is a dial up connection. As the dial up connection is made through phone line, there are many factors that affect the quality and speed of the connection. They affect the quality of transmitted data and more importantly the speed of the dial up connection.
One of the most important is the modem that you use.

The speed of the dialup connection depends on the modem and up to some extent. As the modem is the device that is connected to phone line, it controls the speed of data transmission partially. It is important to note that in a dial up connection, the speed may vary over a period of time or it may even fluctuate frequently. If you have software monitoring the internet connection, it may report speed that is not accurate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to monitor the actual modem speed during the connection for most modems.

Many users may have noticed that the dial up connection speed shift up and down after the initial connection. They connect at a low speed and then quickly speed up to a relatively higher speed. On other end, some may have noticed that they connect at a quite impressive speed initially but the speed quickly go down.
This surge and fall is mostly due to quality of line and the modem used. The dial up connection does loose on speed due to poor modem equipment. This includes the hardware equipment used on both end.

The fast dial up modems used today is the 56k modems. On a 56k modem, if the modem used is of good quality, you may consistently get speed as high as 52k or 53K. If you consistently get speed in this range then there may not be much that you can do to go faster. This is because it is not possible to achieve the highest 56K speed on most phone circuits.

There are certain external factors that do affect the modem speed. This includes the temperature and other computer devices like a surge suppresser or a noise filter. When modem temperature is very high it may result in drop in performance. Other devices like surge suppresser do interfere with the modem functioning and hamper both limit and performance of the modem and eventually with your dial up connection.

Free dial up users should always remember that the modem they are using can make a difference in having a dial up connection with good performance or one with poor speed. One should be careful not only while choosing the correct modem but also while installing and using them. It will help you to ensure that you could get the expected benefits out of your dial up connection.


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