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Main features of a good ISP

If you want to have a dial up connection at your home then you need to have a computer with a modem and telephone line in your house. Then, you need to choose an ISP or an Internet Service Provider in UK. The ISP provides its customers with access to the internet. The ISP could be national or regional. It is up to you to choose the one that suits your need. The main features of a good ISP are as follows.

Local and free access numbers:
A good ISP will provide local and free access numbers. In some cases, you may have to pay for the using dial up service as well as phone bill while you were accessing internet via phone line. However, a lot of dial up service providers offers free dial up connections. In this case you need to pay only the standard internet access fees and not both.

The price could be the most important factor when it comes to choosing ISP. Here, you need to figure out as how much you need internet. The price rate for dial up as well as unlimited internet connect time may vary with the location. If you know you are only going to spend a short time on the Internet then you should look for services that offer a low price for limited connection time. But it is also a fact that it is easy to spend more time on the internet than you expect and overtime charges can add up quickly. So you need to calculate your need and decide on the package you take to access internet.

A lot of people still use dial up service. Some may install high speed 56Kbps modems to speed up their dial up connections. But unfortunately, every ISP and their given access number at a given ISP may or may not automatically support the 56Kbps modems. Hence, it is better to make sure your service does support the upgrade you do in your modem.

Roaming service
There are many people who need to travel and access the internet at the same time. A good ISP will also provide roaming service that may help you to get a local access number wherever you go.

Many ISPs claim to provide high speed 56 Kbps dial up connection. However truth is that the actual speed received may be a lot lesser then claimed. It could be actually around 40 to 45 Kbps. So, try and get an idea on the actual speed that you would receive.

Service and Support
Look for an ISP with a 24X7 technical support line and a local or toll free number. These days, there is enough competition in the ISP market that your provider should include full time support for free or with the standard monthly fee.

Choosing a good ISP will save you time and money and let you enjoy the befits of high speed yet economic dial up connection.


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