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Introduction to dial up connection

Internet is the largest network in the world that has abundance of data and information. There are several ways to access internet. The most used way is a dial up connection. Here, we introduce the oldest and the most used internet access technology...

Dial up connection is a process in which a device is connected to a network via a modem and a public telephone network. Here, for most people the device to be connected is their computer. Dial up connection is more or less like a phone connection. The main difference is that in a telephone connection, people directly converse at both ends. In a dial up connection, parties at the two ends are computer devices rather than people. This makes a dial up connection a primary mode of access to internet for most people.

Technically, dial up access is a form of internet access in which the end user uses a modem to dial the internet service provider's central computer. It uses a dialup server type such as the PPP and TCP/IP protocols to establish a modem to modem link, which is then routed to the internet. Dial up Internet connections requires an access number provided by your local ISP that a modem dials in to get on to the network. The user must submit a username and password to authenticate the entry.

The main advantage of dial up connection is that it could be connected through telephone lines. As most people have phone line in their houses or offices, dial up connection is easy to set up. It has now become legacy technology in the advent of widely available broadband internet access.

Like most of the modern technologies dial up connection has its limitations. The most visible limitation is that the dial up connection system uses normal telephone lines. In most of the premises, the phone lines are not as good as the dial up connection could have to transmit maximum data. The main reason is that the telephone lines were installed over many years. They did not specifically installed for dial up connections. Hence, the quality of the connection is not always good and data rates are limited.

Though the speed of dial up connection has increased in last two decades, the maximum data rate with normal dial up access is limited to 56 Kbps (56,000 bits per second). Overall, the dial up connection is slower than other non dial up forms. It is also not dedicated. It means that it is not always on. You must dial the service provider every time you want to connect to the Internet.

The new non dials up technologies such as ISDN are providing faster rates. An alternative way to connect two computers is through a leased line, which establishes permanent connection between two devices. Leased lines provide faster throughput and better quality connections. Their negative point is that they are very expensive. The dial up connection is still established as the most popular option to access internet.


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