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Effect of electromagnetic interference
on Dial up connection


Dial up connections are easy to set up as they connect through telephone line. However, they also inherit some limitation due to the dependency on standard telephone lines. The dial up connection suffers from a major problem that we discuss here…

Scientifically, electronic appliances or circuits do induce electromagnetic fields. In case of a dial up connection set up an electromagnetic field does create a distortion. In fact, one of the major causes of frequent dial up disconnection is Electromagnetic interference. It can be a factor in causing your modem to disconnect again and again. Furthermore, it may also cause damage to the circuitry of the modem device.

Unfortunately, most residential phone line wiring is susceptible to such interference. This happens mainly because of lack of proper shielding or insulation. Older phones lines can also create line noise due to distortion. Since they were never designed to take into consideration modem use, they will be affected. Poor quality phone wiring is a common problem in older houses. The fact is that the wiring in the old premises that was used for voice phone calls may have been adequate for verbal communications. However, fax machines and modems used today require much higher quality wiring.

Most of the households do bear other electronic items that may be situated near your dial up connection setup. This may be another source of distortion. Also, the high speed modems are very sensitive to this kind of errors. Hence, it may also not give you the desired performance resulting in low connection speed, fluctuations or slow connections and frequent disconnections.

To save this valuable equipment from damage due to electromagnetic interference, there are certain precautions that dial up connection users should use.

1. The phone line should not be wired near to high end electronic systems such as computers and home theater systems as they produce heavy electromagnetic field when they are active.

2. If the wiring in the premises could be upgraded then it will be definitely beneficial to your dial up connection equipment.

3. Electric appliances such as lights with dimmers or lights that use fluorescent bulbs and other electrical appliances that use a lot of power should not be kept active near your phone connection for a long time.

4. Electronics devices such as TVs, radios and microwave ovens emit Radio frequency waves. This may damage the wiring. So, make sure to position then at a good distance from your phone line.

5. Devices with motors such as fans are sources of electromagnetic interference if they are wired in the same channel as your phone line. So if possible connect them separately.

6. Make sure that your phone line does not run parallel to other wiring for long distances.

Overall, you may not be able to keep your dial up connection setup away from all the sources of problems. However, taking precautionary steps time to time and regular maintenance will keep your dial up connection set up from breaking down.


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