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Dial up connection with V.92 Modem


The latest modem technology that changed the traditional dial up connection and increases the speed of data transfer is known as V.92. The new technology is better than the current V.90 technology in many factors. The main factor is the speed of data transfer and it is far better than the V.90 modem technology.

Following is the list of all the factors which makes V.92 technology better than the V.90 technology:

1] Speed: V.92 modem demonstrates an improvement in download speed of about two times than V.90 modem.

2] Connection time: V.92 has much faster connection speed and takes shorter time to connect to internet compared to V.90 modem.

3] Dual ability: V.92 modem has ability of handling voice as well as data. In other words it has call waiting service available. This modem even gives on hold feature to monitor calls.

This new technology V.92 modem can even give you speed of around 48 kbps with the best dial up connection whereas your traditional V.90 modem can only manage data transfer at the rate of hardly 25 kbps to 28 kbps. Here, the only difficult part is to get the free dial up service with V.92 modem support on ISP side. If your ISP do not provide the support for V.92 modem than a new one connected to your computer is of no good use. To get the fast internet connection you need to make sure that your ISP supports V.92 modems.

Similarly, V.92 modems have even solved the problem of low quality of the connection line. In present situation V.90 modem technology provided by ISP hardly runs at 23 kbps to 25 kbps. At the other hand V.92 modem technology has overcome this limitation by achieving speed of 48 kbps.

Mainly planned for rectification in 2000, the V.92 modem technology promises to give enhanced features and improved performance from traditional dial-up networking.

Previous modem technologies had limitation mainly in case of speed of data transfer or downloading. The data transfer speeds which you generally get at intranet or any corporate networking when compared to your dial up internet connection, dial up connection seems very slow. There are few alternatives to dial up connection, broadband connection which is comparatively very fast but at the same time it is costly enough. The other limitation of broad band is that it is available in certain areas only. If you are not ready to pay the high fees or not in service area of broad band connection than dial up is the only option. The slow speed of dial up is tending to make you annoyed when waiting for web page to load. But now with this new V.92 modem technology you have a very good solution.

When buying you are buying a new V.92 modem, you should check with your ISP for support and make sure that it will give you best service. This V.92 modems even comes with on hold feature so make sure that you are provided with on hold software by your modem vendor. You will need Modem On Hold software to monitor calls, display incoming call information, and manage the Modem On-Hold process.


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