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Dial up connection and your telephone line...


The dial up connection is most common way to access internet. It is easy, simple and economic for simple home user as it could be established through your telephone line. However, a dial up connection also inherits some limitations as it connects through phone lines.

The general complain that the dial up connection users have is that their connection sometimes runs very slow. Many users experience heavy fluctuations and disturbances in the dial up connection. This kind of fluctuation mainly occurs in the initial stages. They connect at a quite impressive speed initially but the speed quickly goes down due to distortions or errors in the line. Sometimes accessing web sites could be done at a relatively good speed but when it comes to download some data the speed achieved is very poor.

As the dial up connection is dependent on telephone lines, over some distance on the telephone line, some performance could always be lost. For example, if you are using a 56k modem, with good quality of telephone line and other network devices, the maximum speed that you may get may not be greater then 52k to 53k. In this case, you may not be able to do much to boost the dial up connection speed. However, if you consistently connect at lower speeds then this could be due to some problem with your telephone line. here are some steps that you can try to solve the problem occurring due to phone line…

If your connection is running slow then the possibility is that the problem is in your telephone wiring. Most of the houses or premises have telephone wiring installed over the years. If they are connecting through them then they may get a limited speed. Remember that the wiring was done to facilitate the telephone lines initially. They did not take in account for a dial up connection. In this case, you could test and identify the premise problem. Test for premises problems by disconnecting all your premises wiring and equipment from the incoming and hooking your modem directly to it. If your connections are better, you have a premises problem that you may be able to isolate and fix.

The quality of your voice connections will also tell you about the quality of the telephone line. Note that good phone lines may make high pitch noise until you actually connect. After you connect, if you hear still hear more than a faint hiss or hum or a cracking sound then you probably have a line problem.

There are other line problems that can reduce your speed, mainly a bandwidth distortion. It is difficult to test for this kind of problem without proper test equipment. Here what you can do is to try and connect to an access number that will send you test tones. If the line has problem, it may be audible. Listen carefully the sound of the connection for audible problems.

Overall, keeping your phone line healthy could help you to get a better speed on your dial up connection.


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