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Dial up connection modem issues

Modem is the most important device in a best dialup connection. This device connects your computer to your phone line to access internet. The word "modem" is a combination and contraction of the words modulator and demodulator. The modem translates computer data into the language used by telephones and then reverses the process to translate the responding data back into computer language. Like telephone lines dial up connection is also depend on modem heavily for performance. Some of the regularly occurring issues are related to modem.

Modems are not used alike in all dial up connections. In some cases, modems utilize either firmware or modem drivers. Other modems use both firmware and modem drivers. There is chance that your current modem equipment is old or not suitable to your preferences. Sometimes, modem drivers if not installed or upgraded properly causes problems.

Over the years, there have been many changes in the modem technology. Modem manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality of connections made by their modems. As new technologies are developed and bugs are discovered and corrected, modem manufacturers release updated firmware or modem drivers so customers who own one of their modems can take advantage of these fixes and developments. In fact most brands of the modem firmware and drivers are upgraded by manufacturing companies on regular basis.

If you do not update the modem drivers and firmware, you may end up using old modem technology which may hinder the performance. On other hand, updating modem drivers and updating modem firmware can enhance performance by increasing dial up connection speed and increase a modem's tolerance to line noise or errors. To get the most out of your modem equipment and the dial up service, it is important to maintain the highest performance possible from your modem.

You can regularly check at your modem manufacturer to see they have better versions or newly updated drivers to release. Also, many companies post the driver upgrades on their web sites and notify customers if upgrade or a better version to the firmware is released. Getting this updates on time will help you to keep pace with the improvement in the dial up technology to boost your dial up connections.

The other factor that causes modems falter on the performance can be limitation of your computer system resources. Modems can be either software controlled or controller less. Both types of modems are very much dependent on system resources for their performance. Any discrepancies in this matter could result in increase or decrease speed of your dial up connection.

It is possible that a new program or software application recently installed on your computer has reserved some of the system resources available to other applications or hardware. Also, some Memory resident applications such as memory managers, device drivers can cause modem connections to fail or run slowly. In this situation, it may be necessary to run fewer applications simultaneously to get these types of modems to work more efficiently.


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