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Choosing correct ISP


In modern times, internet is likely to play as significant role in your day to day life and your business as your phone company does. Your ISP is your lifeline to the Internet. If you choose wisely, you can gain a reliable business partner that gives you great performance, service and support. If you make a mistake, you could find yourself relying on an internet connection that does not deliver as per your expectations. There are four main factors to look for when shopping for Internet access:

There are numerous offers available from several ISPs in market. It is up to you to analyze your need and prices. You might also pay less if you pay for your service in advance. But there are drawbacks of such prepaid services. For example, ISPs that offer prepayment often do so to raise capital or to increase cash flow. Hence, if the ISP falters then it could leave you with paid but useless connect time. If you are confident of your ISP’s stability, it might be worth the risk. In any case, it is advisable to pay no more than a yearly service plan in advance.

Access number:
Do not just assume that you are using a free dial up service because the ISP is located in your area code. In this case, check with your phone company to make sure the exchange is in your local calling area. Ideally, your ISP will offer a choice of phone numbers, so if one is busy, you can try another. If you or your business require traveling and also need to connect while on the move then you can subscribe to an ISP that gives a roaming service allowing you to find local dialup numbers wherever you go.

Call the ISP’s local access numbers in peak times to see if you get a busy tone frequently. Also, call their technical support lines a few times to see how easy it is to get through. If you get too many busy signals or wait a long time access or for a service representative, then you perhaps the ISP might not devote enough resources to its customer service department.

Make sure that the ISP provides decent speed constantly. Try and check your speed regularly with the speed measuring software. If the speed constantly remains very low or fluctuates then perhaps it is time to go somewhere else.

It is better to make sure your service has enough choices, so you can be confident of connecting at your modem's best speed. Also ask about its support for other high speed Internet services, in case you decide to upgrade your service.

Service and Support:
You can expect a good ISP to supply clear access information that a non technical person can use. In addition, look for an ISP with a 24/7 technical support line and a local or toll free number.

On final word, do shop around and do not get tempted by offers. Check on above features and then decide.


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