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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) offers a broadband connection technology. ADSL uses existing copper wires installed for telephone systems to deliver high-rate digital data. This makes ADSL economically interesting for the local telephone companies. They can offer customers high speed data services even before switching to fiber-optics.

Many telephone exchanges are now ADSL ready, and many businesses have already changed their systems to ADSL services. ADSL can provide high speeds around thirty to forty times faster than the conventional dial up modem connection. It uses a wide range of frequencies. The big advantage of ADSL connections is that it offers the bandwidth needed for high quality Voice services, so single line with an ADSL connection can be used for web surfing, internet telephony and as a fax line at the same time.

The reason behind the first word Asymmetric of ADSL connection is due to its different capacity to download and upload. ADSL connection offers more capacity for downloads i.e. from the internet to your computer than for uploads. The amount of information you can send out in particular time is much less than the amount of information you can download. ADSL is very useful because most users download more documents, web pages and emails than they send out.

The ADSL system makes use of your existing telephone line and splits the signal into voice communications and high speed data connection. ADSL makes use of a frequency range not used by voice communications. This means that ADSL lines can be used for internet access at the same time as voice calls, or that a line can be used simultaneously for email and to receive faxes. In ADSL there are no charges according to time or any call charges so it can be termed as an 'always on' technology, as your computer or network may permanently connected to the internet through your ADSL router or broadband modem.

The advantages of ADSL:

ADSL offers you better internet functionality higher ADSL bandwidth compared with ISDN or modem connection. Using ADSL you can download documents, web pages and send email faster. You can even view or send real time audio and video files very quickly. Internet telephony over ADSL may also be very useful to businesses to cut call costs to customers internationally.

In ADSL you are charged for set up once and then monthly bandwidth charges. There are no call charges like in modem or ISDN connection. This ADSL service is typically configured to internet usage as downloading is higher than uploading.

The disadvantages of ADSL:

The term contention ratio represents number of users against one line. Every ADSL line is shared among 50 users so the ratio comes out to be 50:1in case of home users, whereas for business users the ratio is 20:1. The number of users using one line at any particular point of time can make your bandwidth fluctuate. ADSL does not provide any guarantee of the level of service.

ADSL can only travel reliably over copper line so if your telecommunications provider has added fiber between your organization and the local exchange, you will be unable to receive ADSL.


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