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  1. What is ADSL and how does it work?

    ADSL stands for ‘Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line’. It is basically a broadband connection technology. The existing copper wires installed for telephone systems are used for ADSL technology. It is much faster than the modem connection. It offers bandwidth needed for voice services so that the same internet connection is used for internet telephony and web surfing simultaneously.
  2. Does the distance from my local exchange affect my ADSL connection?

    Yes the distance from your local exchange matters. It is better if the distance between the location where you want the ADSL connection and local exchange is under 3 to 4 Km. If your business is far away from local exchange, it may be possible that ADSL service may not be available for you. One thing should be noted that the apparent distance from your local ADSL exchange may not be the actual measured distance that the cables travel. Since the cables will not usually go directly between your office and the exchange, even if the exchange is physically close.
  3. Can ADSL be used to provide connectivity to a network?

    All of ADSL services come with one or more fixed IP addresses. An IP address is the unique number that identifies a computer or network on the internet. This will allow your computer or network to be connected to the Internet with ADSL. ADSL connections offer relatively high bandwidth compared with ISDN or modem connection so ADSL connection can be good enough for sharing across a small network.
  4. What is wires only ADSL?

    Wires only ADSL is a 'self-install' ADSL product. ADSL is enabled on a standard analogue telephone line and the telephone socket is modified using an external, user-installable 'splitter' device that provides separate data and phone connections into the standard socket. The splitter plug works by separating the lower frequency analogue voice signals and higher frequency ADSL data signals. ADSL splitter devices are widely available in the market, require no configuration and can be installed as easily as a two-way phone connector.
  5. Is an ‘always on’ ADSL connection secure?

    No computer connected to internet without firewall is secure. It is strongly recommend that you should manage to set up a firewall when using ADSL. All computer connected to internet should be regularly checked for any harmful viruses, and firewall should be up to date with the latest security fixes and virus definitions.
  6. What is downstream?

    Downstream refers to the transfer of data from the requested information resource to your computer. ADSL connection is asymmetric because it has download capacity more than capacity to upload. It means that amount of information you can send out in one second is considerably less than the amount of information you can download to your computer. In any general case users download more documents, web pages and e-mails than they send out so having a higher downstream capacity is an efficient way to use capacity.


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